Reward your employees using barter

Regardless of wages and salaries, every employee likes to feel appreciated.

Bartering goods and services is a great way to share the love in an organisation and reward employees for their efforts.

An employee rewards scheme using barter is easily established and can be administered in many different ways.

Some reward ideas could include family movie nights, beauty day spa sessions, holiday accommodation and even body massage etc.

Creating a great working environment should help to maximise the full potential of your employees.

Some trade exchanges offer additional staff cards designed especially for employee reward programs.

Talk to your trade co-ordinator or barter broker about the many possibilities available.

Don’t forget the value to employees is the face value of the goods and services, but the cost to the business is much less.

Never underestimate the power of barter and the benefits to building better business practice.

Check out the scenarios page for additional ideas about rewarding your employees using barter.