Hi there, my name is David O’Connor, aka “Barter Master” and I live in the State of Victoria, Australia.

I became interested in barter trading back in 1995 when I joined the International Business Exchange Limited (IBEX).

Since then, I have personally seen the development of barter trading in Australia on a number of different levels.

Many business people who sign up to trade exchanges do not fully comprehend the barter platform and often expect unrealistic outcomes from the exchange.

It’s not uncommon to hear traders to say:

“I’ve got $5,000 trade dollars in my account, which I just cannot spend”.

…or something like:

“I cannot buy what I need when I want it”.

Over the years I’ve helped many traders solve barter trading difficulties and worked with them to develop strategies aimed toward successful bartering outcomes for their business.

Please feel free to give me a call if you’d like some help spending down your trade dollars or simply learning better ways to trade using barter.

I’m contactable on 0417 300 707.

Better buy barter!