Here are some barter trading scenarios which could help to motivate creative thinking.

    1.  A dressmaker was owed for services provided in relation to wedding services. The newly weds had paid the dressmaker a cash deposit however due an unforeseeable incident they we unable to pay the final balance of $1,000. The groom was an apprentice cabinet maker and he offered to undertake some carpentry work as full settlement of the debt.
    2.  A removalist keen to have some sign writing added to his van could approach a local sign writing business and offer his downtime in lieu of payment for his signage services. The deal could also include a smaller sign advertising the sign writers business as well. This trade could be a win-win for each proprietor and help toward promoting future cash business.
    3. Using a trade exchange, a trade member was looking to purchase a van for his business. Unfortunately, all the vans available through the exchange were not suitable, not within budget, or jus too old. So the trader purchased a damaged vehicle for cash and used his trade exchange membership to restore the vehicle ready for work. The trader was able to conserve his cash and effectively payoff his van with the supply of goods and services overtime. The vehicle could have then been refinanced for cash and the funds reinvested into his business.


Disclaimer: The above scenarios are indicative of situations where barter trading could be applied however, are not guaranteed to be real life situations or solutions. See Conditions of Use